David Yglesias

David, the founder of Energy Yoga is certified by Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT and runs the certified teacher training program at Energy Yoga (RYS).  David enjoys many styles of yoga, but is known for dynamic "Dharma Flow," a fusion of Vinyasa and Ashtanga. 

David Yglesias instructs the following:
  • Costa Rica Retreat (7 days in La Cusinga)
  • Join us for a relaxing soul nourishing 7-days in La Cusinga Costa Rica, with David. 
    Sat June 24th, 2017 through Saturday July 1, 2017
    Prices: (excluding airfare, meals, transportation & yoga)
    $2395 Single Room (Limited spaces)
    $1695 Double Room (Save $200 off full price of $1895 until October 1)
    $1495 Group Room (Save $200 off full price of $1695 until October 1)
    Energy Yoga Members with Platinum, Gold, Silver, Emerald & Family Packages receive a 10% discount.  There is also an early Bird discount of $200 if purchased prior to Sept 20, 2016 

  • Dharma Flow
  • Dharma Flow Yoga - A return to our natural order, balance and bliss.

    Dharma Flow Yoga was developed in 2006 @ Energy Yoga by David Yglesias. Dharma Flow is a fusion of challenging asanas from ashtanga and the unpredictable sequencing of vinyasa. Experience the duality's of life while purifying the body, mind and spirit.

    Within each of us lies opposites: strength and weakness, darkness and light, knowledge and ignorance, lunar and solar. Dharma flow yoga becomes a medium, using the body to strengthen the mind, to find that balanced middle path between yin/yang extremes.

    The class is fast paced and you should expect to burn some calories. Depending on the class level, expect a handful of advanced asanas (poses), but students are taught to not take themselves or their practice too seriously. “It is not about getting into an advanced pose, but much more about how the pose is making you feel, while attempting to master it,” Yglesias would say.

    With its roots in South Florida, Dharma Flow becomes an explosion of opposite flavors and cultures. Like the dualities of life, imagine sweet mango, hot pepper powder, lime, and salt all mixed together; that best describes a class, but it must be experienced. Like the diverse community of South Florida, Dharma Flow is respectful of all religions. Dharma Flow is a very powerful spiritual practice, but it is not religious.

    Dharma Flow does not encourage or discourage the use of props. “All students really need to bring to class is an open heart and an open mind,” Yglesias. Once the class begins the energy can become electric, with carefully selected music, to flow with the practice.  You never know quite what to expect but everyone leaves smiling.

  • Warm Dharma Flow
  • Warm Dharma Flow is a fusion of Vinyasa and Ashtanga.  It uses a warm room and a few advanced asanas to allow the body to stretch a little deeper, releasing tension and detoxifying, with a goal of returning the body and mind to a natural balanced state of homeostatasis. With a focus on regulating the Autonomic Nervous System.
    This class is open to all levels but please listen to your body.  If a pose (asana) is too difficult simply modify the pose to make it easier and stay within your body limits.