If you are planning a corporate event, corporate yoga classes, meeting or retreat,
Energy Yoga can help make it fun, motivating, relevant and exciting.


 We offer custom packages on a range of subjects such as:

1. MOTIVATIONAL TRAINING with a selection of topics such as:  

        - The Science of Breathing (distressing in the workplace)

        - Infusing ancient eastern philosophies in this hectic modern world.  

        - 10 Steps to a healthy body, mind & spirit

        - Breaking bad habits and establishing effective time management

        - Extending your quality of life; living a longer happier life with a strong body & mind


2. KEY NOTE SPEAKER – Open your conference with a clear message that will uplift and motivate your attendees.


3. MOTIVATIONAL & YOGA CLASS – A motivational lesson followed by a class of yoga.


4. DHARMA FLOW YOGA – A fun, dynamic flowing style of yoga with some great music.


5. MEDITATION AND THE SCIENCE OF BREATHING – In-depth instruction on the science of the nervous system and what steps we can take, using meditation and breathing techniques to effectively control stress in our lives and quiet or focus the mind.


6. TEAM BUILDING – Classes and Group Exercise to build team spirit and cooperation.


7. WE COME TO YOU - Weekly or Twice Weekly Scheduled Corporate Yoga / Meditation Class at your location.


Our packages are customizable based on your needs.

PRIVATE CLASS @ ENERGY YOGA - Do you want to enjoy a special team building event?  Why not set up a class just for your organization at our center?  With class at our center we have all the equipment needed to make your event amazing - specialty ambient lighting, music, bolsters, blocks, straps, yoga chairs and mats.  SPECIAL PRICE - $79 for a one hour class.


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